Singapore Fashion Street

Hollaaaaa….!! I’ve been kept extremely busy with my project and still doing my stuff while waited new website. But, I know how much it’s so incredibly worth it… Keep reaching for my biggest dreams.

It’s been a months ago, me and my friends travel to Singapore to holiday again! So excited obviously. It’s time for Celvy, Ade and Baby accompany me to Singapore. As we know, Singapore has been famous with a crowd. Many stylish people strolling into this city, particularly at some common places.

So many beautiful images that still need to be published! Here’s some outfit and beautiful pictures that I took when I went travel to Singapore with lovely friends.

Universal Studio Singapore


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Knit Sweater and Sheer Maxi Skirt

This feature was supposed to be a boom fashion in the spring or summer. But I’m going to continue typing on the keyboard of my laptop. So, do not miss it until you need to read it again. 🙂


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Striped Dress Black and White

Throwback time! So excited to share my outfit pictures when I wore black and white striped dress with my team project office in Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta.

Black cardigan is a great color with this striped dress. Combine it with converse shoes and your beanie hat to protect your head from scorching heat of the sun. This is easy to wear, always looks cool and work well together for an afternoon out. You can also take off your cardigan if that make you comfortable.


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