Listing My Daily Playlist

IMG_2567What do you guys really feel today? Having a good mood to kick off the day for the rest of this week? I hope you all have an awesome day. Talk about the music, music is a mood modifier or your mood booster to through the day. Who’s agree with me? I mean, when you have an important meeting today with your client and you must prepared any presentation, deliver your message point along with your best outfit, I think you need a rhythm of music to keep your mood up. As long as you enjoyed the day, I will guarantee that you can make everything up and done so well.

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Luckily Me!

In order to welcome once accompanied the World Cup 2014, Domikado application developers as officially designated by the company’s broadcasting rights holder of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil to the mobile version and broadband Internet in Indonesia presents a Football Legends Tour event in 2014 which is dedicated to the hundreds of millions of football lovers in Indonesia.


Domikado Team

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Easy Saturday with a Chic Skirt


Me & Lucy

How do you guys doing right now? Had a great lunch with your beloved friend? I hope you guys have a wonderful day.. My article today it’s about my outfit for hanging around with one of my best friend in the world, Andi Andalusia. Just call her with Lucy. She has a blog as well and she really love about art. She is very good as a make-up artist, sketching on paper, adept at playing guitar and sometimes can be my partner in traveling. Such a young artist and multi-talented.

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My Current Nightly Breathable Masque

Hello there my beautiful sweety sweet! Today I am happy to share with you my first beauty secret product  when I go to traveling around the world even up to the mountain. You know what a big fan I am of traveling. I love taking “ a risk” trips and making my hobbies is not an obstacle to keep maintaining my face skin by adding Skincerity in the night before go to bed.


me and my friend

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Singapore Fashion Street

Hollaaaaa….!! I’ve been kept extremely busy with my project and still doing my stuff while waited new website. But, I know how much it’s so incredibly worth it… Keep reaching for my biggest dreams.

It’s been a months ago, me and my friends travel to Singapore to holiday again! So excited obviously. It’s time for Celvy, Ade and Baby accompany me to Singapore. As we know, Singapore has been famous with a crowd. Many stylish people strolling into this city, particularly at some common places.

So many beautiful images that still need to be published! Here’s some outfit and beautiful pictures that I took when I went travel to Singapore with lovely friends.

Universal Studio Singapore


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