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Listing My Daily Playlist

IMG_2567What do you guys really feel today? Having a good mood to kick off the day for the rest of this week? I hope you all have an awesome day. Talk about the music, music is a mood modifier or your mood booster to through the day. Who’s agree with me? I mean, when you have an important meeting today with your client and you must prepared any presentation, deliver your message point along with your best outfit, I think you need a rhythm of music to keep your mood up. As long as you enjoyed the day, I will guarantee that you can make everything up and done so well.

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Living in The Wildlife, Safari Park

CAMERAYuhuu… It’s good to be back and write again. Sabtu kemarin akhirnya YWP kembali berkumpul dan berlibur kembali. Walaupun gak bisa nginep karena kesibukan masing-masing jadi rencana kita cuma pulang pergi. Kali ini temanya merayakan ulang tahun Celvy yang udah late late late banget. HAHA! Maklum ultahnya September tapi dirayainnya baru sabtu kemarin. Dia mau ntraktir kita ke Taman Safari di Cisarua, Puncak dengan bayarin pintu masuknya. Paling penting sih dari liburan ini sebenernya kebersamaan dan jalan-jalannya aja. So, here we are!

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