Easy Saturday with a Chic Skirt


Me & Lucy

How do you guys doing right now? Had a great lunch with your beloved friend? I hope you guys have a wonderful day.. My article today it’s about my outfit for hanging around with one of my best friend in the world, Andi Andalusia. Just call her with Lucy. She has a blog as well and she really love about art. She is very good as a make-up artist, sketching on paper, adept at playing guitar and sometimes can be my partner in traveling. Such a young artist and multi-talented.


On Saturday. I just had a fabulous brunch with her in Birdcage. Such a lovely place. They have a good location, very near to Dharmawangsa area, nice ambience and the food was delicious. What I really love from this restaurant was a tree (artificial i guess) inside the restaurant and garden set in the outside. Very unique in my opinion.

IMG_9821IMG_9826 IMG_9818

My favorite looks for this occasion is a casual top and tribal skirt makes a great combination. This tribal patterned skirt is an example of a fairly recent trend. I would label the tribal print apparel as trendy because the awareness of this particular pattern has grown. It’s also very easy to wear so anyone can wear this without having to put in too much effort to look good. This outfit can go well with both heels and flats or even sneakers or trainers. This tribal skirt I have actually is a birthday present from Metha, my college friend. And I’m so obsessed with this skirt.


Not just mine. Lucy turns wearing her black flared mini skirt with a sweater flower pattern. You can also combine the flare skirt with anything, such a denim top, pattern top or with a jacket. She make an easier looks with converse shoes as a personality herself. Cheerful and playful.



Indah Jelita

Top: H&M

Skirt: Berskha

Shoes: Online Shop

Ring: Suiteblanco

Andi Andalusia

Top: Stradivarius

Skirt: @dressy_gallery

Shoes: Vans


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