My Current Nightly Breathable Masque

Hello there my beautiful sweety sweet! Today I am happy to share with you my first beauty secret product  when I go to traveling around the world even up to the mountain. You know what a big fan I am of traveling. I love taking “ a risk” trips and making my hobbies is not an obstacle to keep maintaining my face skin by adding Skincerity in the night before go to bed.


me and my friend

Perjalanan gw ke Bromo is my first trip to the mountain. It’s like, I literally want to try that trip. Seperti perjalanan yang sebelumnya persiapan menuju kemanapun atau khususnya pergi ke gunung pasti akan ada banyak barang yang akan dibawa apalagi untuk tetap mempertahankan kecantikan dan kelembaban kulit kita terutama bagian wajah. But we talk about healthy skin.


Traveling dengan muka tetap cantik gimana caranya? Banyak orang yang bertanya sama gw soal perawatan dan peralatan kecantikan apa aja yang gw bawa saat traveling. Simple! Gw gak perlu yang namanya bawa krim muka yang biasanya 2 botol krim pagi dan krim malam, gw gak perlu bawa moisturizer, dan gw gak perlu bawa apapun perlengkapan pelembab muka lainnya yang bisa bikin berat tas travel. Hanya dengan Skincerity gw udah mendapatkan semua kelebihan dan keuntungan yang sangat simple buat seorang traveler seperti gw.


Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque allows my skin to retain it’s vital moisture, naturally re-hydrating my skin and improving it’s texture and appearance. For the best result when I begin using Skincerity, I should apply at bedtime every night for a minimum of two weeks to rejuvenate at a faster rate. To apply and remove is very easy. At bedtime, after washing the skin, roll on a thin layer of Skincerity to the areas I wish to repair. I will notice a cool sensation as Skincerity flash-dries in seconds. Leave Skincerity on until morning. In the morning, remove remaining film with warm water.


The benefits of this product is safe for all skin types and can be used on face, elbows, neck, decolletage, hands and feet. Keep out of eyes.

You can see for further details about the product on their website:


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