Look, What I Have Found!

This is like, seriously?! There is another hidden paradise in Bandar Lampung? The story began when I travel to Lampung for my cousin’s wedding. One day before he married with the girl who have Lampung descents, me and cousins were going to find some of hidden paradise. That beach was named Klara beach which “Klara” abbreviation of  “Kelapa Rapat”. Accompaniment of palm trees and beautiful hill range, and crystal clear sea water can be enough reason for a visit.

image (1)

Spotted the beach in Pesawaran, Lampung

Klara beach had a lot of small boats, we try to rent it and cross the island to the Kelagian island certainly no less beautiful with another one. The boat’s fee is around IDR100,000 – 150,000 return, depending on how good you can bargain.

image (4)


Unplanned trip to Kelagian island but we are so curious with it. Not like other beaches in Lampung, this one is quite clean, and there are dedicated responsible staffs. Scenery is amazing, and some water games are available, e.g banana boat. Relatively close with only 30 minute boat ride across with safe motor boat.
image (2) image (3) LPG7When I arrived, I’m so amazed with this island. The island is very beautifully fringed with white soft sand, clear water and nice corals and fish to explore, swim, and snorkel. Avoid visiting during Lebaran, school and year end holidays, the island could get really crowded-out.


Kelagian island


I’ve got the wrong outfit for today’s trip to the beach. But it’s OK! I can still enjoy these lovely places.



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