Knit Sweater and Sheer Maxi Skirt

This feature was supposed to be a boom fashion in the spring or summer. But I’m going to continue typing on the keyboard of my laptop. So, do not miss it until you need to read it again. 🙂


Still in the same situation, travel to the other city. We had a business trip with an outstanding team. After all, we would not stay in one place. We went to Kraton Surakarta Sultanate in Solo, Central Java. The place was so hot but do not kill off the fashion trends.


my team

Well.. ladies how about we try this trend in another more “wearable” way!

As we know, the knit sweater always wearable on winter season, now we gonna change the rules. I have a pastel pink chiffon maxi skirt with a short skirt underneath. The materials was so cheap actually. But I can mix my maxi skirt with a beige knitted sweater. Wear it with your comfortable converse shoes.




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